Thai Saltwater Fishing – About us

Thai Saltwater Fishing offers saltwater fishing tours in Khao Lak and Phuket. Thai Fishing specializes in jungle fishing tours on Cheow Lan Lake and the rivers in Khao Sok National Park in southern Thailand.


The company Thai Saltwater Fishing is a Thai tour company operating under Thai Law.

Managed by Meik and Tik. Meik is Danish. He was born in 1971 in Jutland’s Lake & River District and fishing has been his passion from the day he started walking. He is to all kinds of sport fishing, he prefers however; fly fishing for wild fish where you get a natural experience. He is are member of the international Pro fly fishing team at Far Bank which is the manufacturer of Sage, Rio and Redington fly fishing Products. Tik is Thai, Meik’s wife and is the office manager when Meik is out and fishing!


In 1999 he visited Thailand; and has been a deckhand for many of the best Big Game Fishing companies in Phuket. He also has great experience in freshwater fishing tours. He lost his heart to Cheow Lan Lake and the rivers in Khao Sok National Park on his first trip to this amazing place. In his expert opinion; Cheow Lan Lake and the rivers in Khao Sok National Park are the ultimate freshwater fishing locations in Thailand. When he is not home, you will probably find him in the Jungle Rivers, with a fly rod in his hands hunting the Thai Mahseer. He was among the first to discover this fantastic and challenging Mahseer fly fishing; that are hidden in these jungle rivers and has since become addicted to fly fishing for this strong and unpredictable fish.


Thai Saltwater Fishing is about Quality: from our equipment to our tailor made tours.
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