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Fishing in Thailand at Khao Lak and Similan Islands; Jigging, Popper and fly fishing trips from Speed boats, low cost longtail boat fishing and Big game fishing in Phuket south Thailand


Thai Saltwater Fishing offer guided fishing trips from Khao Lak. 100 km north of Phuket on the west coast in Southern Thailand. Our guided Giant Trevally fishing trips, on the reefs around Khao Lak and fishing trips to the FAD (Fish Aggregating Devices) outside Khao Lak on the Andaman Sea. Offers a variety of saltwater game fish, which is interesting for the fisherman. For you that will only have the biggest fish, you should look at the Jigging and popper fishing trips to the Similan Islands. Besides our saltwater fishing trips in Khao Lak, we can also guide you to the best, Big game fishing in Thailand. We work with the best Big game boats in Phuket. We provide game fishing trips, on different charter boats. For the discerning angler who is looking for a quality boat within a budget, to top equipped Big Game fishing boats.


Our fishing season in Khao Lak

Starts in October and runs through May. All our Khao Lak fishing trips are done from longtail boats or speed boats. By using long-tail boats and without compromising the quality of the fishing equipment, we can offer saltwater fishing at a low price. For those of you who are looking for a Similan Island fishing trip. We offer day trips or multi-day trips, where you will stay overnight on a mother ship. Our Similan Island fishing tour departs from Khao Lak and is only made from our 2 walk-around sport fishing Speed boats.




The FAD outside Khao Lak and Similan Islands are made by local fishermen and have created some stunning inshore fishing in Khao Lak and around the Similan Islands. FAD are made of a large floating buoy anchored to the seabed. In our area they are mostly made of polystyrene, FAD’s are designed to create habitats for marine life. Like small crustaceans, squid and small bait-fish, which attracts game fish such as: Dorado, Wahoo, Giant Trevally, Spanish Mackerel, Barracuda, Queen Fish, Sailfish, Cobia, and various tuna species.


The FAD is a fishing hot spot with a virtually guaranteed catch to any angler. It is possible to fish on several different ways at the FAD. Fly fishing, Popper fishing, fishing with jigs, spoon and diving lures. But fishing with live bait is definitely the best fishing technique. In most cases, live bait will perform better than other fishing methods.


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Jigging and popper fishing trips in the waters around the Similan Islands; From our 2 walk-around sport fishing Speed boats, you have the opportunity to experience some of the most spectacular saltwater fishing in Thailand. Having fast boats means no unnecessary time wastage getting you there, which means you get more time fishing.


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Our reef fishing trips for Giant Trevally, are offered only when the tide is correct. It is a very important factor for GT fishing in Khao Lak. We have 3 different reefs which offer some of the best, inshore Popper fishing in Thailand for Giant Trevally. This fishing trips is done from our 21 ft walk-around speedboat, which is also perfect for fly fishing. If the conditions are right, there will also be an opportunity to wade on the reefs and fly fish. On these fishing tours you will also be able to catch Bluefin Trevally and Yellowfin Barracuda. If you only looking for XL size Giant Trevally, you might look at our jigging and popper fishing trips to the Similan Islands.


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The sea around Phuket is the best fishing destination for Big game fishing in Thailand. On our private charters you on a day trip have the opportunity, to fish around Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi and the Drop Off. The two Islands are located south from Phuket and the Fishing around these Islands. Can offer some spectacular fishing for Sailfish, Wahoo, Dorado, Tuna, Barracuda, Giant Trevally and Spanish Mackerel. The Drop Off west of Phuket offers the same game fish species but not so many Sailfish. But your chance to catch a Black Marlin is greater at the Drop Off, with the deeper water.


Our live-aboard overnight Big game fishing trips, out from Phuket to Similan Islands; will bring you to the best fishing destination for Black Marlin fishing in Thailand. Koh Ha and Koh Rok Islands are the fishing destination if your target species is Sailfish, which is present year round, in the mornings and evenings on most days. You can seen them jumping in large numbers close to the Islands.


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Khao Lak Saltwater Fishing report – Sep 2016 – May 2017

Similan Islands Fishing Trips Our fishing trips to the Similan Islands, from our speedboat based out of Khao Lak started in November; it was a little later than we had hoped, but because of the sea conditions, it was not possible to start earlier this season. It is the first season we offer that, jigging […]

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